Track your
shared expenses

Keep track of shared expenses and who owes who what. Ideal for splitting expenses with housemates, roommates, friends, loved ones, and family.

A better way to manage shared expenses

We bring together all your shared expenses in one place so you can conveniently track balances from one dashboard.

Shared Expenses Graphic

Spend less time managing shared expenses

  • Track balances effortlessly

    Track all your shared expenses, balances, and who owes who what.

  • Quickly add shared expenses

    Input expenses wherever you are so you never forget who owes what.

  • Organize expenses with ease

    Use our team management to stay on top of all your shared expenses, whether it be with roommates, partners, or family members.

Shared Expenses Graphic

Serious on privacy and security

  • No Bank Access Required

    Unlike similar apps, we won't ask for access to your bank account. We started because our founder didn't want to give that kind of access to third-parties, so you won't either.

  • HIBP Password Protection

    We leverage Have I Been Pwned Password API to ensure you aren't using a password that has been cracked in the past.

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A fully rounded feature set

All the features you need to manage your shared expenses.

  • Add groups or teams
  • Split Expenses
  • Split Equally or Unequally
  • Percentage or Weighted Splits
  • Calculate who owes who what
  • Settle Repayments
  • Categorize Expenses
  • Track recurring expenses
  • Track Expenses over time
  • Graph Expenses over time
  • Estimate Future Expenses*

    Coming Soon

  • Estimate Future Settlements*

    Coming Soon